Writer's Block: How could you?
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Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?

Yes.  As a teenager and young woman I would have said a flat out "NO!"  But as I get older I understand that we are not children.  We cannot always simplify things into 'right' and 'wrong'. 

There are certain circumstances I could never get over, like a long term affair or multiple incidents, or with another family member/family friend.  However;  a one-two time thing, over a weekend away, after somthing very stressful has happened in the home or in my spouse's life, after a big fight...Yeah.  With family therepy and without hiding it, yes, I think I could forgive and move on.

Certan incidents would likely cause a moment of vulnerbility, self-doubt, lonliness...something that would make you forget anything except stopping the pain.  I can't be sure if I MYSELF wouldn't be tempted at this time.   So, I have to forgive. 


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Okay, to start with, I am a great fan of Paeansong's writing and I mean absolutely no offence or creative infringement by making comments about her work (and that of others) within my own journal.  The reason why I feel the need to do this will become clear in a moment.

Paeansong has, with various authors' permission, borrowed a few original characters, keeping them alive and active participants in Brian's and Justin's life, and allowed other situations to reverberate within her own story. This weaving of stories makes a beautiful tapestry, but it also gets horribly tangled as the stories are posted on three separate websites!

I'd like to use this, if you all don't mind, as my table of contents.  I just need to give myself (and anyone else who wishes to use it) the links, titles, and proper acknowledgment of the authors who wrote each story, and an explanation of how it fits into Paeansong's own series of stories.

Talisman of Time by Paeansong

In a few places there are holes in Paeansong's story, not that they weren't thought up or properly plotted, just that some stories were either removed from the internet or were never posted.

To learn Paeansong's influence for creating this series you can read Mouse's "A Lesson in Loving" posted by Edom (with Mouse's permission) at Midnight Whispers...http://www.midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=1014&warning=3  Just remember, Talisman of Time is a completely different story, so dont think of Mouse's story as a prequel or part of the same universe.  What Mouse's story did was encourage Paeansong to write its sequel in which a certain Santa Barbara Art Show takes place.

Perhaps if we nag diligently, tossing in some pleading and whining, Paeansong might edit and post a new version of the story she intended to name "A Lesson in Loving II",  focusing on the aspects she took to use in Talisman of Time.  And, we should also let Lois know that more of Paul and Jason would be awesome!  Until then...
  1. Read Lois' "See Me Through", http://paeansong.livejournal.com/99883.html and meet her original characters, Paul and Jason.
  2. Segue to Pfyre's "Waiting" found here: http://m.fanfiction.net/s/428257/1/ a story borrowed by Lois
  3. That story is referred to in Lois' "Defining Moments"http://paeansong.livejournal.com/100115.html
  4. Next begins Paeansong's "Sparring Partners"  (see my memories for links from now on) 
  5. Then Paeansong's "Superheros"
  6. At about this time, Paeansong added some Lezzy Angst in "Meanwhile in Toronto"
  7. Simultaneously what happens next is Paeansong's "Talisman of Time"
  8. While the Lezzy Angst goes on in "Sessions in the Pitts"
  9. Things move forward in Paeansong's "Between Now and Then" while once again
  10. Simultaneously Lezzy Angst is going on during "More Sessions in the Pitts"
  11. A change of pace with Paeansong's "The Return of Divinia Devore" and
  12. Then Paeansong's "The Gathering" which is a Holiday Story and reads like a stand alone within this 'verse
  13. Next, read Paeansong's "And So, Moving Forward, Part I" hopefully to be shortly
  14. Followed by Paeansong's "And So, Moving Forward, Part II" 
Finally, if you are just like me and cant get enough of these characters, you can read Paeansong's cracky fics the "Thorne Saga's I and II", a kind of crazy departure into a parallel universe of craziness!

Brian and Justin Forever!
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As is abundantly obvious, Im not really into keeping a journal.  What I am into is Brian and Justin fic.  I cant get enough of reading fabulous fic, I dont care if it is prequel, sequel, AU, OC, even MPREG!  So long as the author is all about the BJ love, I am game to read your tale!  And I promise to comment when I do read them, because all authors deserve to know how much their work is appreciated!

A special thank you to those who friend me!  Im a grown-up, 38 yrs old even, lol, and am always on the hunt for additional chapters of WIPs that were left abandoned on archive sites.  Allowing me into your journal allows me access to your memories and links.  This, of course, is a treasure trove of finds for me.  Thank you!


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